Varga Girl

There’s no denying that Oxford Street has its fair share of alligator shoes, tipsy slappas and overpriced coffee, but it’s also home to two city saving graces: amazing burgers and Varga Girl, whose doors might be considered the ‘pearly gates’ by which to ascend from Leederville’s underbelly.

A world away from plastic shoes or diamante belts, Varga Girl offers multiple blessings: chromatically organised racks of silk, printed cotton and hessian (yes hessian) playsuits that don’t look like sacks. White altars stacked with sartorial offerings from Varga’s vintage jewellery collection occupy the centre of the room, while local label Butcher and the Crow’s tie dye silk singlets swing from a central Hills Hoist, with Freo’s Ant!podium and local frill-seekers Rummage getting a look in, too. Varga Girl also isn’t afraid to take risks, bringing in darker stuff like New Zealand’s Ricochet.

Should the slappas and Crocs start to get you down, take heart in the knowledge that some kind of god has created a new sanctuary for all fashion saints out there.

Varga Girl, 148 Oxford Street Leederville. Review published in Six Thousand in 2009

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