Gypsy Tapas House

Tapas 101

  1. When an establishment better known for the service of liquor advertises ‘tapas’ on its chalkboard, exercise utmost caution. Be advised their ‘tapas menu’ will most likely consist of olives and/or feta and/or Turkish bread at a hugely inflated price, with no skill or imagination involved in the preparation.
  2. If, however, you are dining at an establishment where the dishes classified under the rubric ‘tapas’ involve at least two complementary flavours, some Spanish lingo and read like mini meals, order as much as you think you can stomach, and more.
  3. When ordering tapas, try to let go of the individualist leanings capitalist culture has instilled in you. Eat communally with your tablemates. The point is conversation. If self-interest really is your thing, rest-easy knowing that communal eating means you get to try more dishes.
  4. If you have a penchant for tapas of the aforementioned variety but at non-Perth (aka inflated) prices, make Gypsy Tapas House your first port of call.

Tapas: it’s win-win dining.

Gypsy Tapas House, Shop 3, 124 High Street Fremantle. Review published in Six Thousand, 2009.

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