I’ve set myself a new challenge to deal with two problems.

One is just a personal gripe, the kind that only matters to your inner nagging voice: the monologue that convinces you minor problems are a major social barrier in your life. For me, this gripe is films and the tiny number of them I can say I’ve watched.

For a while I used to pretend I’d seen things when they were brought up in conversation among groups of people. But that started to backfire, so now I just wait for the raised eyebrows and missed beats when I say I never saw The Sixth Sense or The Matrix growing up.

My series of posts about film, Film Revisions, will kick off soon. For now, here's some lovely old cinema seats.

Image by Elidh B on Flickr

In the past two or three years, I’ve realised that I enjoy films a lot; I just have no clue about where to start, and can’t rely on other people’s recommendations and decisions forever. Watching a film a week should force some kind of palate to form.

The other problem I’m facing is every writer’s battle of when, why and what to write; how to find something that motivates you to sit down regularly (even when inspiration is scarce); something that will hold the words you throw at it after a long spell of uninterrupted procrastinating.

So, I’ll be writing a film review of sorts every week. My lack of film knowledge and reference points means these may not qualify as a true critic’s reviews. But there will be a jumble of thoughts on other related points and hopefully these bring you new appreciation for a favourite film of yours.

At the very least, these reviews will get me in front of the page once a week and give me some chance of chiming in when people make pop culture jokes. I’m calling the series Film Revision.

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