Billy Lee’s Chinese Restaurant

The 4am closing time of Billy Lee’s makes it the perfect place to end your night as though it were just beginning: with dinner. While it may not be the main event of your evening, Billy’s will certainly be the memorable post-party climax.

When you’re not quite boozed enough for a poorly constructed kebab, wander off Roe Street and seek out this Chinatown fixture. Pull up a plastic chair, plonk your leftover liquor on the vinyl tablecloth and satiate your drunken appetite with some more-civilised fare. Choose from Char kuey teow or dough in XO sauce (both come highly recommended from this end) or stick to the classics: spring rolls and deep fried squid.

The food is hot, fast and greasy; the chopsticks will test your dexterity. For a closing act, Billy Lee has star quality.

Billy Lee’s Chinese Restaurant, 9/66 Roe Street Northbridge. Review published inĀ Six Thousand, 2010

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