West End Cake Shop

I have to confess: I live a life of commercial bakery abstinence. I avoid Brumbys, Baker’s Delight or any permutation thereof. Their almost-identical colour schemes, overly similar products and racks of deflated baked goods dispel even the strongest of afternoon sugar yearnings.

The bakeries I fall for are small, cluttered and oven-hot, no matter what time of day. My ideal bakery is culturally aware, offering vanilla slices and lamingtons alongside Portuguese custard tarts. It must be stable, family-oriented and timeless, consistently delivering pastry-encased satisfaction without succumbing to momentary cake shop trends. While I’m partial to a bit of sucrose, I like to have options, so the bakery I choose must be adept at both sweet and savoury. Appearance is important too but I’m not fussy: anything except maroon will do.

Recently, I found the bakery of my dreams. The West End Cake Shop ticks all the boxes, breaking my patisserie dry spell and giving afternoon delight a whole new meaning.

West End Cake Shop, 1246 Hay St West Perth. Review published in Six Thousand, 2009.

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