Squishy urbanity: walking Melbourne with Rohan Storey

Assemble Papers, 2 December 2016

I love scrolling through Rohan Storey’s Instagram account. Within it, he singles out buildings many of us have walked past hundreds of times and draws on his formidable historical knowledge, developed over 20 years of working at the National Trust, to tell the story of a city. Rohan – now vice-president of Melbourne Heritage Action, a community-based lobby group supported by the National Trust – is an avowed city-lover as well as a flâneur of sorts: his architectural eye captures the intricacies of high Victorian mansions (some of his favourite buildings in Melbourne), while in conversation he vividly describes the ‘squishy urbanity’ of the city’s laneways.

I spoke to Rohan about apartment standards, what ‘good’ density looks like to him, plus his thoughts on the recent Corkman pub saga in Melbourne.

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